Annemarie Spilker (born 1980, The Netherlands) is a Dutch fine-art photographer best known for her self-portraits and landscapes. She graduated cum laude from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2003 with an impressive series of self-portraits titled "Searching to fill the emptiness...".
Since then she has been working of the development of her own style in her field, landscapes and self-portraits. Her style is best described as penetrating self-portraits with an uncomfortable and confronting atmosphere, in which she searches for the hidden places in her own feelings. The landscapes show an unprecedented silence and timelessness that appear almost unreal.
In 2010 Annemarie became known internationally following a nomination at the prestigious Black and White Spider Awards. Since that day many awards and (international) exhibitions followed. The work of Annemarie is now part of (private) art collections all around the world.
In 2012 Annemarie started the art collaboration Bulbfiction. Bulbfiction is a collaboration of 5 artists, all working in their own fields of art and with their own styles but all with the same theme, The Flower District. Annemarie currently lives and works in Bergschenhoek, The Netherlands.


2012 Started Bulbfiction
2004 Started AS Photography
2003 Graduated Cum Laude, Photography Academy Amsterdam
1998 Graduated, Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem
1980 Born, Hillegom, The Netherlands


2018 Travelers Contest, Blank Wall Gallery
2017 Monochrome Contest, Blank Wall Gallery
2015 Winter Contest, Blank Wall Gallery
2013 Certificate of Excellence, Blue Diamond Photo Award
2013 Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards, Untitled Tree in the dunes
2012 Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards, Tamnay-en-Bazois Station
2012 Silver Award, Artmajeur, website
2011 Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards, This is me
2011 Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards, Searching to fill the emptiness...2
2011 Bronze Award, Better Photography Awards, This is me
2011 Nomination, Gouden Gerbera Art Award, Household 2
2011 Silver Award, Artmajeur, website
2010 Nomination, Black and White Spider Awards, Searching to fill the emptiness...3
2010 Silver Award, Artmajeur, website
2003 Extra Price, Academy Awards, Household (series)
2003 Nomination, Academy Awards, Morning Fog (series)


2014, Galerie Het Oude Raadhuis van Warmond, Warmond, Workshop Landscape Photography
2013, Galerie de Burgerij, Vorden, Lecture "De weg van een vrouw"
2012, Leidse Amateur Fotografen Vereniging (LAFV), Leiden, Lecture "Selfportraits"
2012, Galerie het Oude Raadhuis van Warmond, Warmond, Workshop Portraiture Photography


2015 Weekendkrant, Bulbfiction show
2015 de Teylinger, Bulbfiction show
2012 Weekendkrant, 30th year Anniversary Het Oude Raadhuis
2011 Genoeg Magazine, Frozen Memories
2011 Leidsch Dagblad, Gouden Gerbera Awards

Jury Participation

2014, Leidse Amateur Fotografen Vereniging (LAFV), Wedstrijd "Vang het Geluk!"